Clinically approved for over 15 years, PDT presents minimal normal tissue toxicity, negligible systemic effects, reduced long-term morbidity, lack of resistance mechanisms, and excellent cosmetic as well as organ function-sparing effects.  PDT does not interfere with other treatments and can be repeated without any compromise in its efficacy, making it a valuable therapeutic option for combination treatments.  PDT involves the light activated chemical reaction between a photosensitizer drug and oxygen present in a malignant cell that produces singlet oxygen to promote cell necrosis.   PDT effectiveness is dependent on the interplay between its main components and total light dose and fluence rate (light dosimetry), in which there is an optimum range to complete the chemical reaction and yield optimal PDT results.  Unfortunately, in most PDT procedures, light delivery is a manual process with little or no control of light dosimetry, limiting its efficacy and broader utilization.

Leveraging decades of photonics experience, Lumeda is developing photonic tools that bring intelligence and control of PDT light delivery to improve its efficacy, ease of use, and treatment planning. Our automated PDT light dosimetry solution enables a short, simplified intraoperative PDT (IO-PDT) procedure in NSCLC surgery with improved PDT performance, consistency and reliability. Based on a novel medical device (patent pending) demonstrated by the leading medical institution in PDT research, this device combines innovative fiber optic packaging and advanced laser source spatial and intensity control technology to digitize PDT light delivery to prescribed tumor biologic structure patterns and dosimetry profiles.  Data recorded directly at the tumor site can be compared between cases to later investigate the correlation between response and PDT light dosimetry to better define which patients are likely to derive the maximum benefit from IO-PDT.

There is mounting interest in applying IO-PDT to improve surgical outcomes, while benefiting patient care without preventing other treatment options. This new Lumeda procedure eliminates inefficiencies and offers a step improvement in IO-PDT consistency and reliability, while generating meaningful data to drive further refinement and optimization.  The inherent patient and economic benefits of this breakthrough procedure will propel its use and position IO-PDT to be added to the Standard of Care in NSCLC surgery.

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