Lumeda was formed to commercialize a new disruptive innovation in PDT by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. PDT was originally developed at Roswell Park, and today their PDT Center is recognized as a worldwide leader in its use for treating many types of cancer. Our approach is to couple their strong science and clinical expertise with our team’s decades of photonic systems engineering to bring a complete therapeutic solution to market. We are partnered with photonamic GmbH, the supplier of 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA/Gleolan®) - a dual-purpose imaging & photosensitizer agent, in its clinical development. Pairing this remarkable compound with our breakthrough DigiLum™ light delivery & dosimetry system presents a best-in-class drug/device combination to administer PDT with high efficacy, repeatability, and minimum side effects. Our initial therapeutic focus is to apply DigiLum™ PDT intraoperatively as combination therapy with immune checkpoint blockade immunotherapy to improve response and treatment outcomes of patients with late-stage lung cancer.