DigiLum™ technology is a platform that can address unmet needs in a broad range of cancers. Our DigiLum™ PDT system is designed to enable broader physician adoption and to expand the use of this proven therapy for patients with more types of cancer in more anatomical areas. Our clinical targets include thoracic and abdominal sites including lung cancer, pleural disease, ovarian cancer, and colorectal cancer among other GI targets. Our technology can address over 11M of the new cancer cases diagnosed globally (60%) that lead to over 7M cancer-related fatalities annually (70%).

DigiLum™ is currently compatible for use with Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) and robotically-assisted laparoscopic surgery procedures, and additional applicators are planned for use in endoscopic and robotic procedures. Our lead indication is an adjuvant PDT therapy to work in combination with immune checkpoint blockade as a more effective and tolerable treatment for patients with late-stage lung cancer to unlock the potential for more patients to experience a full response to immunotherapy- a key challenge in lung cancer treatment today.

Use of Gleolan™ allows potential theranostic “see and treat” applications for enhanced visualization and adjuvant therapy during surgical procedures. Plans are underway to evaluate the use of DigiLum™ as an adjunct following tumor resection to address positive tumor margins in treating patients with colorectal cancer undergoing surgery.