Our technology integrates science and engineering to present a new paradigm in ease of PDT administration to spur its clinical adoption, and precision of light dosimetry to assure its efficacy.

With our institutional partner, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, and a distinguished group of scientific and medical advisors, Lumeda has access to the latest PDT science and clinical development expertise. We work collaboratively with photonamic GmbH, the global supplier of 5-ALA in its clinical development for use in PDT. We apply our team’s decades of photonic systems engineering experience to take a multidisciplinary approach to the design of complete PDT drug/device solutions with intelligence for optimum therapeutic outcomes. We incorporate novelty and innovation in both PDT components:

  • We focus on use of 5-ALA (Gleolan®)- a 2ndgeneration photosensitizer agent that is highly selective to tumor tissue for minimum off-target effects with negligible post-procedure phototoxicity. It also offers a short time interval between drug administration and light activation that is more amenable to surgical procedure workflows.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Our state-of-the-art DigiLum™ photonics system is based on novel PDT light delivery device technology demonstrated by a team at Roswell Park’s PDT Research Center to address the limitations of current PDT light administration. This innovation enables Lumeda to engineer a fully automated system for a PDT procedure with a high level of automation that is fast, easy to use, with repeatable and reliable therapeutic results.

This solution represents a next generation of PDT that incorporates real-time light dosimetry, that is simple, effective, and reliable to overcome the barriers to clinical adoption of legacy PDT for patients to benefit from the numerous advantages of PDT:

    • Tumor-agnostic therapy
    • No systemic or dark toxicities or side effects
    • Photosensitizers inactive in absence of light
    • No acquired resistance
    • Can be repeated with no loss in efficacy
    • Does not interfere with other treatments
    • Excellent cosmetic as well as organ function-sparing effects
    • Treatment can be designed to impart various tumoricidal and immunogenic effects

Our 5-ALA/DigiLum™ technology is a platform to exploit the potential dual imaging+therapeutic functionality of 5-ALA. We intend to apply Lumeda's photonics innovation capabilities to pursue new "see and treat" opportunities that enable more complete tumor surgical resection with reduced disease recurrence, as well as offer a therapeutic option in certain diagnostic procedures.