Lumeda is a clinical-stage medical technology company focused on improving outcomes for patients diagnosed with lung cancer- the leading cause of cancer deaths globally- more than breast, colon, and prostate cancers combined.

The majority of new lung cancer cases are diagnosed at Stage IV, in which first-line treatment for patients without an oncologic driver mutation (over half those diagnosed in the US) is immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICPi) immunotherapy which has been shown to greatly improve patient survival and quality of life.  Unfortunately, only a minority of these patients (<20%) respond to ICPi immunotherapy; the majority do not because they have so-called “cold” tumors that lack infiltration of T cells due to a suppressed anti-tumor immune response. Combination therapies to work alongside ICPi to stimulate host anti-tumor immunity for better response to ICPi is currently a major focus in oncology research to overcome the main challenge to this important therapy in addressing a greater population of patients.

As a platform technology, Lumeda is developing a DigiLum™ solution to address this challenge in lung cancer patients. DigiLum™ is a breakthrough light dosimetry product that can activate a range of photosensitizer agents. Based on a novel PDT device innovation demonstrated by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, DigiLum™ delivers and monitors laser light directly in contact with target tissue over a broad area. Lumeda further integrates advanced photonics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software for an automated system that enables a practical intraoperative procedure that quickly and precisely delivers PDT light to programmed dosimetry parameters with improved ease of use and treatment repeatability.

Lumeda’s DigiLum™ solution has successfully completed preclinical testing and is currently slated for first human use in 2022 in a Phase I clinical study that applies PDT intraoperatively in standard of care pleurodesis in treating patients with malignant pleural disease. Among the many candidate therapies and agents being evaluated for use in combination with ICPi, PDT enabled by DigiLum™ can offer an immunogenic cell death pathway without any toxic side effects or acquired resistance and can be repeated without any loss of efficacy for a durable response to ICPi with minimal side effects.