New Paradigm in PDT Enables its Broad Clinical Adoption

Lumeda was formed to commercialize a new disruptive innovation in PDT by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. PDT was originally developed at Roswell Park, and today their PDT Center is recognized as a worldwide leader in its use for treating many types of cancer.  Our approach is to couple their strong science and clinical development with our team’s decades of photonic systems engineering and support to bring a complete therapeutic solution to market.  Our DigiLum™ system is a complete drug/device combination product to administer PDT using our state-of-the-art photonic system. This breakthrough system enables fast, simplified, and repeatable administration of PDT to target parameters that assure its efficacy and overcomes the complexity of PDT that has hindered its broad clinical adoption. Two Phase I clinical studies are currently open to evaluate safety of the system applied intraoperatively in standard of care thoracic procedures.

Our initial focus is on improving outcomes of patients diagnosed with lung cancer- the leading cause of cancer deaths globally. The majority of new lung cancer cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage (IV), in which first-line treatments for these patients is targeted therapy or immunotherapy.  Of the latter, patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) have realized remarkable results in extending their survival and quality of life, unfortunately though for only a minority of these patients, where the majority do not because they have so-called “cold” tumors that lack infiltration of T cells due to a suppressed host immune system. Combination therapies to work alongside ICIs to stimulate host anti-tumor immunity is a major focus in oncology for improved response to ICIs in a greater population of patients.

Among the many candidate therapies and agents being evaluated for use in combination with ICIs, PDT enabled by DigiLum™ can offer an immunogenic cell death pathway to reinvigorate anti-tumor immunity without any toxic side effects or acquired resistance, and can be repeated without any loss of efficacy, or interference with other treatments- an ideal immune adjuvant.