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Lumeda’s breakthrough light dosimetry product called DigiLum™ is designed to activate a photosensitizer drug and deliver PDT to reduce the recurrence of cancer and enhance antitumor immunity.  DigiLum™ applies advanced photonics and proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to enable thoracic surgeons to control dosimetry, reduce treatment time and capture data for future treatment planning.

PDT is a two-stage cancer treatment that involves a photosensitizer drug that preferentially collects within cancer cells and then produces cell death and tumor ablation upon light activation.  PDT has been shown to significantly improve patient progression-free and overall survival when applied intraoperatively following surgical lung cancer tumor resection.  In pre-clinical studies PDT has also been shown to alter the immune contexture of tumors to make them more receptive to immunotherapy.

The photosensitizer drug is highly effective and safe with minimal toxicity.  The DigiLum™ light dosimetry system is based on a novel PDT device innovation demonstrated by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center that delivers and monitors laser light in direct contact with target tissue.  This enables a fast and simplified treatment procedure that is highly automated for ease of use with high efficacy and repeatability.

DigiLum™ System


Lumeda DigiLum™ is a complete photodynamic therapy (PDT) solution for treating Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and pleural disease.

DigiLum™ Instrumentation Module


The DigiLum™ light source instrumentation module is a portable unit with a touch-screen interface designed for ease of use in the OR environment.

Conformal Light Applicator (CLA)


The core technology behind Lumeda DigiLum™ is a novel optical surface applicator device demonstrated by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, a global center of excellence in translational PDT research.

Odyssey Software


The DigiLum™ instrument comes pre-loaded with Lumeda Odyssey™ operating software that controls the system.

Photosensitizer Drug


The photosensitizer agent used with DigiLum produces a cytotoxic reactive oxygen species upon visible light illumination that promotes cell death.